Our (Evolving) Community Agreement

Open communication, honesty, and consent are essential practices to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe in a community. A community agreement is a tool to achieve this goal. This is a living document that changes based on suggestions from the community. As part of our community agreement for this book project, contributors are expected to be respectful and inclusive. The current community agreement is as follows:
  • Be respectful and inclusive.
  • Recognize the disparate and intersectional effects that digital safety issues have on marginalized students, teachers, and researchers.
  • Support and value open research.
  • Agree that any materials you submit will be made available under a CC BY NC Creative Commons License.
We welcome additions to this agreement by contributors and community members. Add your own contributions, and/or comment on others’ contributions.
Project members and contributors are not speaking on behalf of any organization or their employers. This project is designed to be institutionally neutral.